Community rallies for children of victims in roller rink shooting

A radio station, a movie theater, and a roller rink. These things would normally not be grouped together, but their employees worked to help a family in need when a tragedy tugged at the heart strings of a community.

Radio personality Adam Bomb, host of the Adam Bomb Show on KLIF-FM, heard about the July shooting at Forum Roller World in Grand Prairie that left a daughter and son without their parents.

Tran Do, husband of UTA employee Trini Do, opened fire during his son’s 11th birthday party at the roller rink, killing himself and five other family members.

The children are now staying with family in Texas. Bomb knew he had to help.

“I heard about the children and what happened about a couple of weeks ago, and then I went directly to the program director, John Foxx, and the promotions director, Vanessa Thill,” Bomb said. “

We wanted to do something somewhere.”

So, the radio station worked with Studio Movie Grill in Arlington to raise money for the children. The theater presented early-morning movies on Aug. 13 and donated all the proceeds to the fundraiser.

Bomb said that approximately 500 people showed up and more than $1000 was raised for the family — but it didn’t end there.

Walt Hedrick, the owner of Forum Roller World, heard what Bomb and the theater were doing for the children and wanted to do his part support the cause.

“I just feel like being left without two parents, they are going to have a hard life, and we’re just trying to create something that they can use for a college education,” Hedrick said.

A week after the charity event at Studio Movie Grill, KLIF-FM partnered with the roller rink to raise more money for the children. He said the family was amazed to have any fundraiser held for them.

“They were shocked that anybody took any notice to them,” Bomb said. “The first thing they said was, ‘Wow, we didn’t know anybody cared or paid attention.’ People paid attention.”

Marketing junior Ryan Stielher works for KLIF-FM and was at Forum Roller World for the fundraiser. He said the shooting in July shocked him, but he was happy to be helping the family.

“I’m honored to be a part of the event,” Stiehler said. “I love the fact that the radio station is in support of the cause.”

Though the radio station hasn’t planned any more events as of publication, donations can still be made to the family.

Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen stepped in soon after the tragedy to encourage the community to help the children.

“Commissioner Nguyen recognized a need for these children, so he began making some calls and working with attorneys to set up a trust fund for the children,” assistant precinct administrator Kelly Rodriguez said. “They deserve a chance at a good life.”

Donors can contribute to the fund, called the Paul and Anna Do Trust, by visiting anyChase Bank location and asking to make a donation. Rodriguez said the exact amount donated to the trust fund is unknown because donors contribute at any given time, but she knows that one donation was an estimated $30,000.

Engineering junior Si Nguyen was a friend of Michelle Ta, UTA employee and Trini Do’s sister, who was also killed in the shooting. He said the charity events were a great idea.

“I was really happy when I found out that they were holding it for the children,” Si Ngyuen said of the event at Studio Movie Grill.

Si Nguyen said that the family and himself are still in the process of healing, but things are getting better.

“At first, it was pretty sad, but now I know that she’s in a better place so she won’t have to worry about anything,” Nguyen said. “It was pretty devastating at first, but now everything seems to be OK.”

Courtesy of The Shorthorn

August 30 2011

Full article here


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